Editorial Illustrations

Spot illustrations for:
Revista Telhanorte / Revista Wine / Das Auto Magazine

Telhanorte magazine (hardware / building supplies),
Wine magazine (wine subscription club magazine)
and Das Auto Magazine (Volkswagen's magazine).

Ilustrações para as revistas Telhanorte, Wine e Das Auto Magazine (Volkswagen).

Telhanorte magazine

1. Choose the right brush; 2. Don't paint when it's too hot or cold; 3. How to thin paints; 4. How to throw away paint;
5. Dry paint brushes and rollers before storing; 6. Always read paint can labels; 7. Wash paint rollers before using;
8. Clean paint brushes and rollers after painting; 9. Painting order.


Wine magazine

1. Fondue forks; 2. Fondue pan; 3. Accompaniment bowl; 4. Fondue fork identification tags; 5. Decoration;
6. Add kirsch to fondue; 7. Invitations; 8. Portion planning; 9. Cut beef into cubes; 10. Select the right cheeses.


Das Auto magazine

1. ASR – Anti Slip Regulation; 2. ESS – Emergency Stop Signal; 3. EDS – Electronic Differential System;
4. HHC – Hill Hold Control; 5. ESC – Electronic Stability Control; 6. ABS – Anti-lock Braking System.